Le Grunge.



Le Grunge.

Speaking of the 90s. Have you seen the comeback of the cardigan? It’s super-Kurt-Cobain-like aesthetic is as 90s grunge as they get. (Unless your a Pearl Jam fan). Anyways, shop all things in that era now, while they’re hot! From snake-ish prints (I remember having to have this holographic mini-backpack in snake-pring when I was 7—and in the 2nd grade–I was soooo trendy!). Making fashions presentable is one thing, but finding a unique way of mixing and matching pieces into a certain look is pure genius. If you can do that—babe, you can do anything. Shop all things sheer, pleather, graphic, and cardigan at Stanzino’s!



Is anyone else obsessed with this 90s trend that has been huge this past year? I’m definitely not disappointed. (Considering I’ve been trying to bring back the era since it ended:] ). Anyways, be aware of prints, color, mix and matching ideas, holographic prints, super-high heel 60s inspired platforms, and closets jam-packed with mini-backpacks. Ahhh, the 90s is ringing in my ears again. Remember to not forget to do the essentials when dressing yourself, finding like colors (or complimenting colors/prints) is not only chic, but a 90s ode to awesome-ness. Or if you want, break all the rules (which is the best 90s trend you can possible commit to.)

Perfect. Shop the look @Stanzino.com



Okay—Stay Chic Ladies.

In times of stress, I know it may be difficult to find a fashion making statement. In those times, coming across women who make sloppy appearances of themselves, is relatively normal (and depressing). With that being said, finding simplistic fashions will cheer anyone up (from yourself to your viewer!–everyone seems to be a fashion critic now-a-days). Coming across current trends isn’t hard when you’re consistently coming across new ads on the daily. So you shouldn’t shutter out the latest in fashion, because I know you see it! Peplum, Blazers, Knee High Boots: They’re all the latest in what’s hot this season. Shop in this fashion, and you won’t be out of fashion.

I love finding myself witty (clearly need to break away from that Kanye West music—guilty.)

Shop the look @Stanzino.com!



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