Gravitational Gaga.

Apparently Lady Gaga will be making her way to Space sometime in the near future. What I’m trying to understand here is who will be backing up this one very expensive project? (My guess is Richard Branson, it’d definitely have people considering to ride his Virgin Galactic Aircraft now wouldn’t it?) Double Marketing. Yes, it’s interesting to know that a super-famous popstar will be making one hell of a performance in space, but the stressing part is to consider how this will actually happen. I mean, the universe doesn’t exactly have oxygen so—I guess a space suit will be her only fashion item that will be gawked over. Strangely, I think Lady Gaga can make that happen. It’s be a Gaga move, don’t you think?

Or maybe it will be a fluke, I mean, didn’t they once try sending Lance Bass to Space? …You know, the guy from Nsync? What’s with this obsession with rocketing up celebrity musicians to outer space all of a sudden? Is them possibly suffocating a wonder? Weird paranoia but hey, I hope this is one successful trip for the super-famous Lady Gaga. She’ll be making history! Now to celebrate this upcoming event, let’s gawk over her fashionable past (again). 🙂

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