The Chic’est.

The Best of the Best.

Naturally we’re going to talk about the best dressed of the week–and year, and fashion history. I mean, it’s only suitable. Being fabulous doesn’t come naturally to most, and for those who does, why not celebrate them? Vain, I know. But this is what us earthlings enjoy gossiping about now isn’t it? Anyways, fashion icons come and go, (sorry to say this, but for some reason, some don’t age as gracefully as you’d think). Unless your Naomi Campbell of course, she’s a diva til her death. But today we reflect on what is classic, modern and chic (for both yesterday, now and the future.) This Fall/Winter season is all about what’s classic turned futuristic. What was once edgy, turned modern. It’s this classic play on making the past, chic—all over again. And that’s the basis of what i’m presenting to you. Finding the middle ground between it all. And celebrating those, who keep it alive.

Darn, I forgot to include Alexa Chung’s fashionable-being. This is regrettable. Check out the gallery below for the chic’est of the chic, my friends.


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