The Olsen Sisters.

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So the Olsen Twins have an impeccable style. I think we can all agree on that one. They’ve emerged from child stars to fashion designers in a matter of a 20-something life span. Which may be typical for a wealthy woman in her mid-twenties [you know who I’m talking about, the self-obsessed who care about nothing else but materialistic things, I know this: because I can relate to this… 🙂 ] Anyways these are some extremely wealthy sets of twins we’ve got here. Besides learning from the best in fashion, thanks to their early-childhood-fame, they’ve found the true meaning behind simplistic chic, a concept I personally believe was created by them. How celebrity obsessed do I sound? Well, they’re very sophisticated, very trendy, very focused; which can be channeled through their styles. Notice how they love oversized fashion, big hand bags, skinny jeans, and jackets-galore. They’re trend-setters, without trying to be trend-setters. Which is what makes them so fabulous, and extremely New York. Escaping the tv-fame was the best move they’ve made yet; they’ve diligently stayed out of the media’s attention, and are clearly, focused on their designer abilities–I knew I’d learn alot from them [no I do not personally know them, but growing up with the Olsen VHS Collection (thanks to my sister) and watching they grow into fashion designers/moguls, is fairly enough inspiration to learn from, if you ask me 😉 ]

Chic. to the max.

Anyways, these are some ultra-fab twins if you ask me whom slowly catapulted into fashion fame. (And hopefully that’s where they’ll stay.)



The unfortunate aspect of this post here, is to not only debate on the Olsen Twins’ fashion sense. But to crucially understand why these sisters are so fabulous, and why their younger sister (Elizabeth Olsen) didn’t follow suit. I mean, you’re an Olsen Sister! Shouldn’t you grow to know the things they’ve taught you? A little confusing here. Above Elizabeth was caught wearing a vintage Dior Couture dress. Not only is it unflattering but the concept doesn’t flow particularly right with her hairstyle, there’s some super-ombre thing going on here, and it’s worrying me. Maybe yellow isn’t her color. I just can’t deliberate on it. Nor can I, for the sake of the matter that her older sisters, are the very fashion-forward Olsen-Twins!




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