Le Illustration.

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Fashion Illustration.

When fashion is going through development, there’s a series of happenings that must go down. First, begins the illustration aspect. Where color, print, and overall aesthetic is developed. Half of the designers create what will happen, others, really get creative with it. But most of the time, a fashion illustrator is put on the team, and they create the overall mood of the fashion aesthetic. Which conveys the idea that it really does take a team to design a piece of clothing. As a graphic designer and fashion enthusiast, fashion illustration has always been really important to me (hello, I’ve been a tutor in this class at the Art Institutes for this.) And people who can draw, are always forgotten, or they just don’t use their skills where they should. (I’m rambling on the misuse of artists).  Anyways, fashion illustration is extremely important when it comes to design. So don’t you forget that.  And most illustrators go unnoticed. But in the past few years, fashion illustrators have been celebrated and re-used in fashion design (via prints, advertisements, and borrowing their overall aesthetic)–whether alive, or dead. Which brings about the question: who are your favorite illustrators?

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