Define: ELUSIVE.

In 3D, everything is cooler.

3D Printing has taken a whole new take on the world, from its revolutionary production–to it’s cool aesthetic. Printing will never be the same. (And we’re not disappointed.) I heard about this for the first time over a year ago, and I was immediately struck, it was something I’d never imagine–well at least this close to the post-90’s innocent era that I hail from. It’s a new look at the future, and at the time–I was scared. Mainly because I heard crazy stories leaking from the internet about this new technology. (I mean, I even heard that a man, printed a 3D gun–that was usable.) What a trip.I also even heard that people were going to try and print heart-pacers–myth or truth, I have no idea. But it’s still a very hard concept to embrace quite yet. Especially when it comes to more complex things–that of which is supposed to save you, and that–which can kill you.

But… you know, the grass is always greener on the other side.

And I started reading and watching (thanks to shows like Project Runway) about fashion designers who started pushing towards this new evolutionary style of design: The Age of 3D Printing. Which isn’t just a serious step towards technological break-throughs–it’s a step towards new physical forms of design, particularly, in means of style.

Which is awesome. And sweet. I felt like a Ninja-Turtle, just now.

Anyways, if you start Googling, 3D Prititing for Fashion, you will come across some pretty cool stuff, in clothing, in accessories–it’s springing up everywhere. And high fashion runways are eating this current fascination like its a beanie baby (what a random 90’s shout out). Thus making this new style of design, as desired as anything to hit the runway before.


And it had me wondering: What else will us (the earthlings) be printing?

Below are some recent runway shows that featured this new innovative printing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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