Sexy, Slinky, and Smiley: The Unusual Turnout of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Last night was the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show. So you know what that means, there was pretty women, slinky fashion, color, glitter, and wings. But one thing definitely shocked me last night, outside of the random music selection they considered. And it was the fact that a part of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, well, wasn’t so Victoria Secret.

What I usually expect from a Victoria Secret Show, are the wings, the capes, the angelic and dark appeal of the angels. What happened, for a brief period of the show, was something so—Nicki Minaj-worthy. It was colorful…extremely colorful. It was the fashionable version of Candy-land, which also surprises me that Katy Perry didn’t perform there last night (it reminded me of her California Girl music video.) Anyways, it was a part of this 90s obsession we’re a part of right now, and I know you remember  the era as I keep talking about it (obsessed, I know). So we saw, candy colors, smiley faces, glitter, mix matched prints with color, oddities all over the place—but when you see this, do you really think—Victoria Secret? A tad bit bizarre, but hey—that’s what fashion has been all about the past 5 years, as it seems. But—it was low key disappointing that it happened with Victoria Secret, but hey, I did just recently purchase a holographic top to work out in from the store recently, why—why Victoria!?

Alright, now that my crying is over with, what did you think about the bizarre knee high socks that walked the runway? Or the smiley face back-drops that literally hung on the back of the models? Or even the model that rocked the items that seem to protrude from her behind? Odd show indeed. But hey, I think Betsey Johnson would have been a little bit jealous, not because of the color, but because she didn’t get to design them first.

Below are the photos from the show: Who else thinks Talyor Swift may have outdone the models last night? She looked Vogue, they looked like Nicki Minaj mini-me’s.

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