Labyrinth Into the Human Mind.

Now that we are re-emerging into the 90s, once all over again. I thought it’d be a great idea to reflect on a time that sought out the new edgy. A time where fashion and women’s appearance saw new trends in what was both futuristic and feminine. A subtle existence of where personal style reflected both the time, and personal interests.

When times seek answers, the people act indifferent.

Which is why it was the perfect existence to act different. To where metallics, with heavy fabrics. To wear velveteen with lace. To wear fuzzy fabrics and thigh-high boots. It was a youthful time, where your personal style wasn’t enough to make judgements. (Unless you were in fashion that is.) The best aspect of the 90s was its innocence. Now we are exposed to the internet where social media sites  will doubt anything you find wonderful. Damn, reflecting makes me miss the era, in a sense. Television shows in that time best described the style for the people. From shows like Clarissa Explains It All to My-So-Called Life, these pre-teen dramas really played the homage best—which is most likely why my sisters wore the clothing they did. Oh, how I miss those over-sized plaid shirts, with high waisted shorts and black combat boots! Another great movie that reflected 90s fashion was Clueless.

Oh Clueless.

What a fashionable movie, fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to meet two of the actors from the film, both of which didn’t understand the movie’s impact on fashion. But who couldn’t see it? It spoke ‘seeking your own personal style’. Some of my favorite style icons of the era included: TLC (a group that mixed hip hop and sex appeal in the edgiest sense), The Spice Girls (Britain’s splash of 90s greatness, the girl group changed style for the people relatively fast with their platforms and metallic, skinny tight numbers), and of course, my ultra-favorite: Gwen Stefani (who was both rebellion and feminine that is 90s-fantastic).

Google the images my dears, you’ll die in 90s flower-power.

Below is the 90s mess we all loved and adored. Please discuss all your favorite fashion memories of the times, I’ve only reflected a few:)

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