Her Love Is Rocksteady.

Define an Icon.

Since my birth, I’ve always found various people to idolize. And to be honest, its based on their relate-ability, their cool-factor, their success. But for real, isn’t that what we all look up to? I mean, trust me, I come from a broken past, I’ve found heros in my family, and in my community; but hey, what kind of a liar would I be to deny the fact that celebrities (who are so clairvoyantly everywhere) are not people to look up to? For many, today especially, find these people as Gods, (no need to offend any religions who’d contradict this statement). But celebrities, who aren’t exactly metaphysical things, are here–DNA proven, and are loved and adored by millions. If you deny that, you deny everything you know. Trust. 

Anyways, celebrities hold that obsessive factor. They need to exhibit various possessions that make them, well, cool. Cool enough to absorb your mind, and control what you like, and what you idolize–mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. Andddddd, that’s what makes them so marketable! (I.e. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Will Smith, Tom Cruise.) From their religious views, to their shopping issues, these small–incoherent things, have you hooked, and there’s no turning back.

Welcome to the World my dear, it’s a terrible, terrible place.

Anyways, besides the terrible reasons why their so obsessed over. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, my personal favorite celebri-lords. One very, important fashion icon of mine, and (90’s great), Miss Gwen Stefani. I’ve talked about this woman before, but  since I’m on this week-long 90’s talking-rampage, I thought I might as well, hit it big by talking about one of it’s greatest, most reflective icons. But then again, why talk–when I can share untimely images?! How many of you get distracted by the images presented than the words? I know you do–don’t like to me.

Below are the images. But I’m going to rant, like I generally do. Pa close attention to what made her the icon she is In her early career, she experimented with her hair, often. We saw pink, blue, dreds, bleach blonde. And that’s just the beginning of it. She had a 50s-sense of fashion, a 60s sense of fashion, and the greatest-most current sense of fashion to the 90s…she was herself. On top of all the fashionable experiments, she also tried men’s fashion, and to be honest, she rocked it better than the boys. Women who can rock unisex, in a man’s world, are pretty-damn cool, and you know it. (I.E. Miley Cyrus, is attempting this thought today—I don’t think she can be as cool as Gwen though–let’s be real.)

Anyways, of all the Gwen Stefani moments that the world has seen, what was your favorite 90s moment? Refer to the Google-Magic.

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