Going Electric?

Shopping in seasonal colors can’t be any more overwhelming than it already is. I know it can be a little annoying to shop what’s deemed as ‘in’. But it’s hard to ignore this fact when it’s seeping through the retail industry. And I’ll give you an example here. Last year, the neon outbreak soared through retail stores and in the more glamourous ones, you saw it subtly, but hey, you did see it! And this concepts goes in and out in every season. Some seasons we see yellow, some we see purple; it’s just what happens when those in high fashion dictate the trends that emerge each season. And this season is no different. Blue, a color that keeps coming in and out of trends–is emerging all over again. And the best aspect of this color, is that not only is it cloth-worthy, it’s accessory worthy. Reading up on the color for the current season, you’ll be sure to come across it’s darker hues as a popular color for the cooler season. Shop all of its tints, shades and tones this season, it’s a Holiday-esque color, so don’t miss out on its’ popularity (again:p) Shop Blue, @Stanzino.com!


Doesn’t matter to me if darker hues are in this season. Whatever color looks great on you, will exhibit through your positive reaction to how you look. And honestly, that’s the trick in clothing, to wear what you know you look great it, and feel great about it. To me, that’s what makes a great style, to feel confident. Shop the look @Stanzino.com


My favorite look for the season, is the bad girl fashion. And I know you know, what I mean by that. Rocker Chic, the Ultra-Fab Cool Girl. Wearing suede, leathers and everything in between. Tight fashion, mixed with looser-fitting clothes, with the right makeup–you have yourself the ‘biker-esque’ style downright. And the best part about this look, is not having to care about your hair (I sure as hell don’t). Messy is chic this season my friends, but always make it clean enough to be chic. 🙂 Shop the look @Stanzino.com


Another one of my favorite ‘Biker Babe’ looks. You know, wearing all black with dark hues doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ‘rockstar chic’. You can mix up eye-popping colors into the darker palette–when you do this, it adds that flair of both classic, and rockstar. Just don’t forget to find the right fashions to pull this style off; and when I say this I say look at the overall aesthetic. For instance, referring to the style above, the dress as a lace-turtleneck which is connected to the maxi dress that ends at the breast-line. Ridiculously beautiful, when you step away and just stare at the aesthetic of it all–it may be Victorian-inspired, may be musically inspired, in either aspect its a fashionable piece you can rock with any sort of style, depending on your mood. And for a style that is biker-ish, wear it down with a faux leather jacket and knee high boots, trust me when I say this, it’s rockstar worthy. TRUSTTT. Shop the look @Stanzino.com


Clean + Classic = A NECESSARY Outfit. And that’s all I have to say, shop the look @Stanzino.com

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