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kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-6 Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue US December 2013 in Instanbul. She looks so mesmerizing in this striped Proenza Schouler dress… kate-moss-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-3kate-moss-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-5kate-moss-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-1kate-moss-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-3kate-moss-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-2kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013kate-moss-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-4kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-1kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-us-december-2013-4

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