To The Weekend Warrier.



Weekend fashion, is the ultimate fashion. Because during the week, I understand this completely, you are BUSY. Filled with work, school, errands; life can be rough–and I understand that fashion may not be for you. But (like for my self) fashion is everything, it’s your existence of identity to the world, so my best advice is too look absolutely STUNNING. Which probably isn’t hard for you now is itπŸ™‚ Anyways, following the seasonal trends, or not, try to dress it up?πŸ™‚ If going casual, over sizing anything, can be chic (when you do it right of course). For instance, in the outfit, exhibited above (thanks to those, we see a mix of cat print (this season has an explosion of love for our kitty friends, have you noticed?). There’s also a leather-y rock star love that is also pretty prevalent. Mixing them together and you have this well…‘Betty-Paige‘-like inspiration. Not to bad my dear! Dressing this outfit up or down isn’t hard, wear a boot for the day, throw a heel on for the night.

And you’re good to go by dear!:)



The Boyfriend:

Some trends love coming back for specific style purposes. But one of my favorite is the Boyfriend Pant, it’s sudden revival is solely based on the 90’s obsession we are in. Yay! Taking a baggy pant and dressing it up, isn’t as hard as you think. It’s relatively easy if you always pair it up with a pair of high-heels or chic flats. But NO TENNIS SHOES, please! For the sake of our eyes, ladies. Soccer Mom Fashion is NOT cute. I recently just bought a pair of baggy, over-sized (in a sense it was), torn and holey pants–dressed it up with a black lace onesy and a draped black blazer, and it was to dieeeee for [to fashion heaven at leastπŸ™‚ ] Anyways, don’t skip out on this little fashion wonder, skinnies aren’t always the route to go, especially since the ‘Borrowed-From-The-Boys’ is in:)

Shop the look!

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