City Sleek Chic.



City Slick.

There’s this obsession with the past. (Okay, I get it, as a 90s child, it’s my honor and my duty to keep on the expression–the expression which evokes that anything strange, is utterly beautiful. Where mix matched fashion is of the chic’est-state-of-mind.. And where there isn’t necessarily a specific gender type when it comes to particular fashion pieces. Ellllooooo, transgender-iiites). It’s true that for fashion to evolve, things must continue to revolve. These earthlings have a tendancy of looking over everything we do, see, and create. So why not bring back particular fashion trends? (Even the ones that make us cringe). Because for things to come to settlement, they must be re-looked.

A concept I’ve learned to embrace, post-art school.

Anyways, this conversation, brings the question: Which trends (which have come back to current fashion) are you embracing? And which, are you wishing stayed in the black-hole of fashion disappearance?

Fashion. Trends. Personal Style.

Define that in your little fashion heads, and get back to me. Shop the look


Sweater City.

A fashion piece that keeps coming back every season, til we die. Helloooo, winter is one season that is hard to embrace (even for us, in Los Angeles). The best part of sweaters is that they come in all different styles, sizes, and shapes. All of the while where colors + prints are intermixing into the game. Sweaters aren’t just a seasonal item anymore though (so keep that in mind)..I’ve seen it worn wonderfully in a 90’s style mix (of high waisted shorts, graphic crop top, with a plaid shirt). You know, that layering concept with sweaters is adorable! Kind of gives of reminiscing times of the Grunge-Era. You know, think Kurt Cobain (the sweater star of the early 90s). Or even, rocking it for the Holiday Season, it carries trifecta staples: that of which are casual, seasonal, and food-comforting (meaning, you can eat as much as you want, and it hides that which caused bloating).

What a fashionable secret, must I add ;p

Shop Sweaters!

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