Thankful for…my Fashion Addiction.


My personal ode to the sweater dress. Here is a classic item, that can be worn both casual and chic. (Depends on the activity your engaging in). Dress it with heels or will leggings, either way, it’s a Fall 2013 Fashion hit! The best aspect about the sweater dress, to me at least, is that it’s cozy + comfortable but still very chic. Name me any fashion item that can do this! And on top of it,  it’s interchangeable, meaning it can be a laid-back fashion item, a contingent item, a classy-apparel item, a holiday item, and the list goes on. It truly depends on the shoes being worn (along with the jacket, and accessories). Funny how shoes, a jacket and accessories can change the flow of an outfit, but trust me, it can! Being that today, is Thanksgiving, I’d highly suggest rocking this (I mean, it can also hide that turkey weight ;p ) Haha, shop the look!



Pretty in Pink.
Wear pink in any tint, shade or tone this season! I know that the color will be a hit next year, but hey, why not set the trend, before the trend is fully exposed! Here’s another very, girly item. (I accidentally added the light pink pants, but wearing this will a pair of faux leather leggings, would be chic and animal friendly 🙂. Be a rocker girl, with a bandeau, pair of heels, slick leggings, and a print. With animal prints on the revival rate it has been, why not dabble it, but remember, dabble it right. Sometimes when I see it, I think 80s (but what’s wrong with that 😉 ) Yet, here is another Thanksgiving-friendly outfit (but for you night birds of course) Anyways, shop the look above!

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