The Holiday Aesthetic.

holidayfestiveHoliday Festive:

Okay, remember ladies, although we are around family for the holidays; there is absolutely no reason why we don’t need to dress up for ourselves (and them). There’s one day a year where you and your loved ones gather together to commemorate the past year of good health, career, family and overall good fortune. It’s the time where we celebrate the wholesome feelings of the holiday spirit. Which is a great example of dressing to impress, right? You might as well look the part of how your feeling, (like always my lovelies). With that being said, what will you be wearing these Holidays? Dresses? Classic Suits? Blouses? Heels? There’s so many options, and depending on the Holiday, the outfit can change. I mean, would you really want to get caught wearing what you did for X-Mas, for what you’ll be doing for New Years? (What a Clueless move, hahaha).Anyways, wear what showcases your feelings for this year, your gratitude, your respect, your confidence; that’s the ultimate outfit.

CHIC, Plus Size: we have a selective Plus Size section. Personally, it’s my favorite collection with Stanzino’s. We see a variety of hip fashions that are on and popping for the season. Meaning:floral, over-sized blouses, midi-skirts, navy accessories, knee-high socks, geometric cuts; trust me when I say this, THERE IS A VARIETY. With that being said, shop what makes you chic, a concept every women, over every size; should embrace. Shop the look



The Rock Star Aesthetic:

Ladies + Gents (yes, for you men who are most likely shopping for your ladies this Holiday Season). One of the most emerging trends of Winter 2013 is the Rock Star Aesthetic. It’s a combination of classy, mixed with grunge, mixed leather, mixed with fringe, mixed with graphics. There’s quite the variety of fashion statements to make with this trendier then ever, music appreciation meets fashionable presentation.  Take sweaters, mix them with jeans, graphic tops, leather jackets or even with sheer tights. Or take a dress, mix it up with a jean jacket, with a pair of thigh high boots and you’ll have all the former Madonna-heads complimenting you. Oh Rock Star Fashion, in my mind, you’ll never go out of trend. You can make this fashion concept both sophisticated or casual, depending on the pieces you mix; find your creations with us!

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