Color Coordination with the Seasonal Spirit, A Fashion Concoction.



This past week I’ve been indulging in a few of my favorite favorites: for one, I’m jacket-needy. Every woman should carry a wide variety of coat selections in her closet. And I do mean every woman. White winter/fall seasons take a lot from us, why should we be limited to a number of jackets in our closets? And on top of that, there’s always a surplus of occasions we attend to weekly, which is also a fantastic excuse to buy jackets!:) Anyways, as of lately I’ve been obsessing over some high fashion numbers, most of which I cannot afford (oh well), but who says you cannot fantasize:) Another winter obsession of mine is color coordination to the season trends and the seasonal spirit, so you know what that means lovelies (red, white and green all over.) Luckily this year, red is hotttt for December, White is always a sign of luxury, and Green was this years color of the year. Also stay in tune with Navy, for which it is a hotttt fashion commodity in color, not only in clothing but in accessories as well.:)

Shop the look above, with us!


Pressing Fashion, A Dame:

Okay, I know, most of you are probably wondering why I posted this little fashion romper in a trending fashion item. Well, for one, don’t dwell on the fact that it is freezing out–I know, it’s quite cold over here in Los Angeles as well (+ I’m learning to live with a non-heater winter this year, so self loathing in your cold stories, shall be eliminated lovelies). Haha, anyways, what’s fashionable and stylish is the main point to be addressed this winter season–so finding ‘summer-like’ items is okay to divulge in, we all secretly wish to wear something super sexy in the cold weather anyways, so please, don’t make ways to feel limited. Also, it’s a good idea to wear lighter clothes when you Holiday Partying…just saying! In the look above, we slapped together a cute one shoulder black romper, threw on a belt, found a slimming, yet rockstar worthy jacket to match, and dawned a lovely pair of knee high boots. If this isn’t Holiday Party-worthy, well honey, I just don’t know what  it. Shop the look with us


Pink Chic, In Floral Fashion:

And here I go again. I frequently like, scratch that, love to break fashion rules. One of them being is the season color trend, because if you shop in retail, like myself, you only see certain color palettes that sort of exist among each other all year long. Hey, you learn to live with it. But anyways, the style trend known to most is that lighter colors are a must for the Spring Season, well, I say otherwise, I prefer seeing a variety of colors, for every season. It honestly depends on the look you’re going for. So don’t find it a fashion faux pas if you wear a color that was ‘so last season’. Because there is always room for adjustment, and fixing the past, is the best aspect of evolving your style. So please fashionistas, indulge in prints, colors, and shoes that fit your fashionable needs. Whether they are in trend, or are not. The look above consists a variation of pastel inspiration: we took a cute baby pink oversized blouse, draped it over some skinny floral pants, and threw on a pair of red-wedges. Seems LA appropriate to me;) Get the look above,!

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