As a personal fan of color, print and the appropriate usage of both, I never find it a hard thing to embrace. Most women find ‘simplistic’ colors as the more ‘fashionable colors’. Yet what they fail to understand is that although some enjoy color more than others, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a eye popping color scheme. Yes, even for you Katy Perry addicts. What’s gorgeous most, is finding the color that stands against your personality best. Don’t you agree? Colors are used around and about in every season. We see a little bit of this, a little bit of that. And well, thanks to the likes of Nicki Minaj, we see just about everything we could see. Haha, anyways, after seeing her perfume advertisement all over Pandora today, I thought it’d be best to pay a small homage to her funky fashion behavior, with this little outfit combination.

Yay or Nay?

Get the look!



In Blue:

This Fall/Winter 2013 Season, we see various trends emerging. From darker hues back in season, to the Holidays erupting before us. There’s just soooo much going on, it may seem slightly difficult to find a balance between it all. But think of the occasion (which changes the outfit scheme). Think of where you’ll be (think is huge to the outfit scheme, I mean, are you going to dress up for a day at dirty-related-work..I don’t think so.) Those two alone, change the game. But in all means, your personal style is what matters most here, because it’s going to dictate what you purchase to wear in the first place ;p Anyways, if wearing something sexy is your ideal for going out on New Years..than my darling, don’t hold yourself back.

 Style is completely different from fashion, but if you can confuse someone on the difference in one of your outfits; you’ve clearly picked a winner.

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