Paris to Dallas: Chanel Pre-Fall 2014

Out West.

So the fashion world was going crazy this week, after the news of Karl Lagerfeld’s very unexpected idea was taken into place. That being, moving 400+ fashion stars and major fashion heads to Dallas, Texas for one, overwhelmingly themed show of the French version of American Pop Culture. (So you know what that means, it was far chic’er than what actually ever happened here in America.) The start studded event showcased a line of fabulous fashion, announced Kristen Stewert as the celebrity profile of the collection and even upset some Native Americans (thanks to the headdress shout out.) With Chanel apologies in order, the show went on to high standard the Chanel brand always sets, in full out-western glory. The show, which is featured below, gave a new meaning to the ‘Out West’ Aesthetic. My boyfriend will be obsessed, it’s exactly his fashion. The show also gave a few references to some American-pop culture references, from the TV Show ‘Dallas’ to the big-breasted women like Dolly Parton (who’s from Tennessee by the way).  Anyways, the clothing shall speak for itself, check out it’s glorifying images below.


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2 thoughts on “Paris to Dallas: Chanel Pre-Fall 2014

  1. OMG! is it possible to fall any more in love with Chanel??? Ah-mah-zing! XOXO

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