Opposites Attract.



Color Tension:

Color should always be used appropriately. Never over-do it, and never under-do it. Mixing it appropriately with print, is a core concept, but finding new ways of manipulating it’s use, will always keep options open in your wardrobe. For instance owning the appropriate amount of shoes/accessories, can truly help your color decisions that appear in the clothing. Catch my drift?

When your mix and matching, you’re finding color patterns every time. When I say this, I mean that you’re finding colors and mixing them appropriately. Changing this often, and you’re finding innovative means, to always making you’re wardrobe look new and updated. Which is always exciting🙂 But when you begin to use color pop, with non-color, yet finding your accessories to balance this; you start to embrace you’re full style-strength. Meaning, you’re using your accessories as a core-cohesive to your wardrobe which fully-brings together your actual style. Phew! That was a lot to say. But you see! Color is essential, especially when it comes to mix/matching it appropriately😉

Shop the look @Stanzino.com



Monochromatic Classic:

Okay, if you follow us on here, you know how I like mashing fashion (from Stanzino.com). Monochromatic, a color scheme that’s always associated to classic/sophistication–you clearly know that it’s frequently used on here. It’s both simple and universal, in the sense that it’s both ‘trendy’, street chic, and carries a viable degree of emotions. Which is exactly why you need to dabble with it. (Sooner or later in your life) Whether it’s monochromatic or monochromatic with a hue, in either aspect, you’re trying new, (chic) things. Right?

Haha, get the look @Stanzino.com!

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