Stars in the Skies.


Chanel Inspired.

With the ‘Paris to Dallas’ Chanel Fashion show just passing us, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Chanel has taken over my mind with a 2014 ‘out-west’ chic aesthetic, which may be cowboy inspired, but it carries this ‘East of Eden’ inspiration that is hard not to love. It’s both dark and light and has feathers, sequins, leather and prints. It’s angelic, and dark (a concept I’m far tooooo in love with). But beyond that, it’s the Parisian take on American Pop, in a sophisticated sense. Who wouldn’t be inspired by this collection?

With this being said, I’ve featured an outfit inspiration, from both and the dream jacket (Burberry) which I featured yesterday on here. It’s a combined aesthetic inspired of layers, fabrics, prints and colors. Which is both western and pop-influenced, and still carries a sense of class! Imagine it on you. If you can…let us know if it’s Chanel Inspired, or just plain western-chic. Either way, I think we have it in the bag;)

Get the look!



Stars in the Skies:

New Years is just around the corner, and trust me when I say this, it’ll be here faster than you think. With that concept fully seeping through your mind; what will you be rocking into the new year? Style considerations¬†is a must, especially if you’ll be partying that night. Am I right or am I right?

In the outfit shown above, from wearing sequins will be trendier than ever this night. It’s truly that star-studdied concept. Black, may be a basic aesthetic, but it’ s a classic association that one must consider:) Throw in a clutch and a pair of heels, and you have you’re night attire in full party order.

Get the look!

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