Mixing with Modern Times.


Boho Chic:

When mother nature is your fascination, my suggestion is to pay homage to it right. So you know exactly what I mean when I say that. Finding colors within mother nature are of the utmost importance. Playing with natural colors is expected, but mixing it with all things ‘earthy’ is what I prefer, meaning: browns and greens for the land, blues, pinks and oranges for the sky. Most colors are a part of mother nature, but almost all of them are neutralized, meaning–bright colors are used as an accent rather than as the center piece. (Well, in the Boho world that is.) In either aspect of your Bohemian-Inspiration, take in every inspiration nature offers, it’ll truly inspire your style in ways you’ve never imaging. Coming from someone who doesn’t dress the ‘Boho’ style, I have a mad respect for the women/men that can rock it. We are all one with nature, and watching others clear perception of what is around them, is ridiculously fascinating. From the shapes, to the colors, to the prints and then transitioning that into a aesthetically pleasing sense of style—is an A+ in my book.

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Color Me Red:

Okay, so I get it. Dressing in a holiday festive color is what 90% of what women and children do around the holiday season. But what matters most is dressing accordingly to the setting. Duh. Well, if I were to feel the holiday spirit, I’d take it to my own liking, naturally. Finding a color, especially if it’s a warm color, is what holiday dressing is all about. Especially if it’s a color that connotes the idea of passion.  

Red, a color most used around this time of the year, well..that’s a given. Take it’s color power, and play it your way. Be it in it’s color family, it’s complimentary (which would make it more holiday festive) or with a print, the season is yours. So that’s literally how you should make it;)

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Feeling Blue:

Color trends are a part of every season. And this season, clearly, is no different. One of the emerging colors for Winter 2013/14 is blue and all of it’s variations! From it in clothing to it within purses, shoes or accessories, it’s a color must for your wardrobe. So I suggest to borrow it’s cooling color effects ASAP this winter. I keep reading articles that it is liked more as an accessory, because blue can be a ‘eye-grabbing’ color meaning—it can shocking. But the qualities of the color, are more soothing, and calming rather than electric. But that concept also depends on which variation of the color your leaning towards (a tone–which is like a saturation–is more soothing than the purest form of the hue). If you’re asking me, I absolutely love the color, if you even place it around an outfit of black (for instance, this past week I wore a black cropped sweater–that had a high neckline, with a black trench coat that fit boxy and had faux leather sleeves, with knee high socks and a pair of boot black platform heels, + topped off it’s dark aesthetic with an electric blue bodycon-miniskirt.) A 60s inspiration mixed with modern times, how fashionable of me. Anyways, you see, blue can be worn in many forms this season. How it’s decided, is upon you.

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2 thoughts on “Mixing with Modern Times.

  1. Fabulous post doll, you make us all want to get our ‘bohemian on’ with a touch of refreshing blue. XOXO

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