Deuces 2013, Hello 2014…+ All of your new MUST SEE TRENDS

2013 was quite the year. We saw celebrity-self obsession brought to new heights. We witness the deaths of history-making individuals. We beard enough skin from Miley Cyrus, that one human being can possible take. We even saw a sudden change in the papacy. Other than what we saw from the people. Technology made new advances. New social media was introduced, exploited with, and fought over. Conversation moved slowly out the door as cellphone apps have slowly taken over our society. Advertisement-attacks became personal thanks to Google. The NSA slowly began invading our privacy, with courts now ruling it a fair practice. The government failed to get along. And the people…well, partied on.

…And fashion, was no different. I mean, in the sense that it had it’s flaws, fails, and triumphs. Innovation was present, as it always is, and so we’re the public figures that dawned it. We’ve seen new style heights thanks to the likes of Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, Miley Cyrus + Jennifer Lawrence. While fashion became more socially obsessed over, retailers succeeded to new heights and even higher fails (thanks to the social awareness of child slave labor that happens in Asian countries). High fashion succeeded in new image + ethnic acceptance, a social deviance we’ve ignored for far too long. I.E. Rick Owens’ Paris Fashion Week show (how can you forget it). And all the while, the American general public fought over the difference of fashion vs. style. Yes, people…this was 2013 for you.

And with 2013 on the way out. I figured the best way to ignore this emotionally unstable year is to immediately bring in the NEW of 2014. So…let’s talk fashion.

There will be new, emerging trends in 2014, all of which, I’ll be speaking about daily on So what I mean here, is that each day, we’ll be discussing one of the latest trends you’ll be witnessing in 2014. From Spring…to Fall. 15 days, 15 trends. Sounds like a lot of information, but the best way for me to understand something new is to see visuals that will walk me through it. Which is EXACTLY what I’ll be doing for you. Besides the promo paragraphs that will be showing style points, celebrity style examples, detailed descriptions, that the designers the epitomize this—there will be plenty of imagery to inspire you and you’re new look in 2914! So to begin this mayhem, let’s start healthy. And I figured something sporty will fulfill that healthy mindset. I mean..isn’t dressing the part inspire you to jump on that treadmill this year?

Because, it sure as hell will inspire me. But hey, this trend won’t be prevalent until Fall 2014.

Sporty Chic:

From Alexander Wang’s designs that make you look boyish, but feel sexy. It’s a mind trip, trust me. Anyways, this designer is the epitome of this fashion aesthetic. Celebrities that dress this way: Kristen Stewert, Gwen Stefani, Chilli (yes, I will make references to 90s stars through this), Rihanna (although she is versatile), Pink (if you think about it..Miley Cyrus jocked her style, for real). Anyways, if you can’t imagine rocking this look, turn to these celebrities to get a bit more inspired, considering the fact, all of them take the sporty-chic look to their own levels of style.

From Sport is a continuation of activewear and athletic references powered by technical fabric advances, an active lifestyle movement, and motocross inspiration. Neoprene comes to the forefront with sculpted and pliable shapes, while leather commands attention in sporty perforated and quilted styles. Color blocking and geometric motifs reinforce the trend in new colors and shapes. Important colors for Pro Sport are gold, red, royal, navy, and olive.

Materials such as leather, neoprene, jersey, nylon and mixed media are key. Shapes can be boxy or peplum, with key items including: the quilted bomber jacket, quilted sweatshirt, boxy sweater, drawstring pants, turtleneck, perforated leather pants, and the color blocked sheath dress. Accessories include: bright accents, high gloss patent, elastic, perforated leather, rubber, vinyl, open mesh, lug soles, active soles in contrasting colors, and quilted ankle boots. Quilting is everywhere for this trend.”

Below lies the photo inspiration for Fall 2014’s Pro-Sport Fashion Trend

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