Material Girl: The 80s Comeback


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In all periods of fashion, there comes a time, where a specific time isre-celebrated—in a modernized appeal. Where we look at the past, andre-do it for the current. For the 80s, which keeps on reviving..we see just that for 2014.

If you take a good look at Spring/Summer 2014: Saint Laurent, we see that 80s push but made for the future. You see this 80s revival in Heidi Slimane’s inspiration via waist accentuation, one shoulder pieces, touches of gold, boyish looks, big shoulders + mixed prints.

See some runway images here:

AND Balmain is no different, (who conveniently signed on Rihanna as a celebrity endorser, a perfect example of a celebrity who takes on an 80s fashion influence). According to “You can see the glamour style of the 80s fashion trends that are now back through the catwalk performed on Balmain collection for Spring/Summer 2014 few months ago during the fashion house show. You can see the uniqueness of the clothing designs; big, bold jacket with belts and cheeky shoulders, between the houndstooth motifs black and white color combination, the play of the transparencies, the glam color like black leather or the blue denim are the prominent of the show.”

With that in mind, it won’t be difficult for you to take subtle inspirations for your wardrobe this year (well, if you’re digging this trend that is). Anyways, using gold clearly takes on this trend. The Pantone Color List: ColorQuake truly fulfills this color concept, quoted from “Think clashes, contrasts, cut+paste craziness… this palette is all about a wild mix of colours and textures. Lenzing calls it a “clash between hard-core technical attitude and natural materials”, featuring “all kinds of embellishments and elaborations”.”

This all around trend is about reviving the retro style aesthetic for a new generation of fashion enthusiasts. Colorful, abstract intertwining with avant-garde was a style that gained mass popularity in the 80s–and for many admirers of this look, you may this (along with pastels, mixed prints and boyish looks) from H&M this year.

Yay, fun, fashionable, and affordable. Talk about a steal.

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