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Elle Saint Deveil

The latest–wealthiest– emerging trends aren’t coming from fashion companies, but rather technology companies. One of the highest grossing accessories of the season, is the wearable device market. Meaning if you haven’t heard of Google Glass or activity-tracking Nike Fuelbands, than you’re seriously behind on the innovating times. These are said to be “one of the fastest-growing categories in consumer electronics, estimated to be worth somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion in the next two to four years, according to an aggressive forecast from Credit Suisse”* The real concern that lies here is, where will the pay off end up going to? To the fashion industry or the technology industry? With American designers like Milly and Rachel Zoe, whom are beheading the USB bracelet collaboration (estimated to be worth $25 a piece) which will benefit the pockets of Ebay and the CFDA.

The latest designer to lend her hand at…

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