Journey of a Dress: With Diane von Furstenberg

Elle Saint Deveil

Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dress is a force of it’s own, exhibiting in a 20,000 square foot gallery at the historical May Co. department store in Los Angeles. “Journey of a Dress” exhibition opened this past Saturday with 200 vintage-ly dressed mannequins with contemporary interpretations of the iconic design. The show was essentially cultivated for the 40th anniversary of DVF’s brand, celebrating what?! The wrap dress. One of DVF’s many contributions to fashion history. Booth Moore, LA Times Fashion critic says “the wrap dress, which is on par with the T-Shirt and blue jeans when it comes to its cultural impact.”(Moore)

The dress, itself, which wraps in the front and ties at the waist was at it’s original dress made in a drip-dry, cotton jersey–it was consumed abruptly by the masses in the 1970s, when women began to enter the workforce. “A symbol not only of women’s liberation but of…

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