5 Reasons To Love Ulyana Sergeenko, Haute Couture: Spring/Summer 2014

Elle Saint Deveil

Ulyana Sergeenko, Haute Couture: Spring/Summer 2014 had a unique take on women’s wearable couture. “It’s a glamorous woman taking a voyage through the Eastern republics of the former Soviet Union, like Turkmenistan, Khazhstan and Ouzbekistan,” explained Ulyana Sergeenko in her temporary showroom in Paris, as her team bustled around models to make the final fittings for her Summer 2014 couture show. “She’s looking for adventure, and for fun.” All the while portraits of Marlene Dietriech and glamorous train travels glittered the walls, near Nicholas Roerich’s (famous Russian painter) portraits’ of aristocratic males and traditional imagery of the region. (Colin) This was the inspiration. Not to mention the street chic appeal of it all, which is why I adored these five particular pieces from her couture collection. C’mon people there was volume and dramatic flair that paid homage to her love of the contemporary silhouette. This is her time to shine, fashion media..take a…

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