10 things The Breakfast Club taught us about life


Film The Breakfast Club (1985)  Directed by John Hughes .... Genre: Drama Plot Outline: Five high school students from completely different backgrounds meet in Saturday detention, and the results change their lives forever  Emilio Estevez.... Andrew 'Andy' Clark (C, Right) Anthony Michael Hall.... Brian Ralph Johnson (C) Judd Nelson.... John Bender (Top) Molly Ringwald.... Claire Standish (Bottom) Ally Sheedy.... Allison Reynolds (C, Left) free pic Remember this?

It’s been 30 years since the members of The Breakfast Club met for their life-changing detention.

Ever had an 80s crush on flame-haired Molly Ringwald or ‘whatever happened to…’ Emilio Estevez (in case you were wondering he moved into writing and directing), or fist-pumped to Don’t You (Forget About Me)?

If so, this blog, about John Hughes’ classic 1985 coming of age film, is for you.

And, if you haven’t ever watched it, what better time to get acquainted with a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal?

Here’s just some of the things the film taught us:

1. Well first, the obvious – that even though it’s easy to pigeonhole people into groups, everyone is more complex than that

While the names themselves might have changed (who gets called a brain any more?) the sentiments are probably as true for teenagers now as they…

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