Taka Naka x

Maison Bentley Style

issue7-10 Taka Naka like to play with the eye and revel in experimenting with the unexpected. Basking in rich sources of inspiration subtle it’s not, capturing shifts in every mood..at the same time and layering them up like a rich mouth watering pavlova. issue7-9 Their signature are impressive in-house prints based on paintings or photography.  For AW14  they’ve  taken  it a step further taking the world of interiors: prints from Carpets, wallpaper, tiles and porcelain as their point of inspiration.  As well as – and appropriately given the exhibition going on in London at the moment – the wonderful work of Matisse.     issue7-11 issue7-12

The aim is an exotic clashing effect, beautifully constructed with print on print.

issue7-15There’s a true fascination about how it all weaves together..helped by the incredible sets of these photos..

issue7-17   The Designers, identical twins Tamara and Natash Surguladze, say that by working together their designs reflect their contrasts..and…

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