Birkies.. x

Maison Bentley Style


The rise of the Birkie shows no sign of abating, indeed it’s all praise for the fashion trend that works with any outfit, any where and even keeps the chiropractor smiling.


Except I have one unexpected niggle..the most comfortable shoe ever they might..but eewch! Give them a while and they can put up a pong that gives a goat cheese factory on a hot day a run for it’s money (I don’t think this happens to everyone, but google ‘smelly birks’ and there are enough results to prove I’m not an isolated incident)..mine reeked so badly they spent the winter months tied up in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer of our freezer in an attempt to kill off the evil, perpetrating bacteria.  Sadly it worked for all of 5 mins..the time it took for them to de-frost.  Loathed to throw them away, I’ve finally come up with a…

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